Aqua Natal yoga in Horhsam

Aqua Natal Yoga in Horsham

Did you know you can start your Horsham Swim School journey before your baby arrives? Experience the balance of relaxation, Fun and exercise – an excellent  way to relax  and stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy.

Exercise whist pregnant?

Swimming is a safer  way to exercise whist  pregnancy as the water supports your joints and is providing resistance it will help  strengthening your abdominal muscles and back  ready for carrying your baby around!

Aqua Natal Yoga Horsham is a pregnancy swimming class that combines the weightless feeling of being in the water with the calming effect of yoga while you grow and nurture your precious bump. Small classes are held in a warm private pool perfect for stretching and unwinding while you take the weight off your feet (literally).

Note these classes are held by a third party and not run by Horsham Swim School, however we are happy to promote these classes and most customers that attend later go on to our newborn swimming classes.

Aqua Natal Yoga Horsham pregnancy swimming class  can benefit you in many ways. For example:

  • Participate in intense but gentle exercise without the impact stress on your body
  • It can increase blood flow to the pelvic area
  • It can promote hormonal balance
  • The water allows a comfortable environment to be in
  • Release tension and promote relaxation and calm
  • and is a chance to meet new mums

All in the comfort of a warm private pool.

Classes run every Friday 1915-2000.

Classes are not run directly by Horsham Swim School but they are held by Lizzie at our poo.l is if you wish to book on we recommend that you contact lizzie directly on

For more information we recommend that you visit this web site