Morriswood Pool Usage Disclaimer

Please ensure that you read the Morriswood Pool Usage Disclaimer.  Please also read the terms and conditions and pool rules pages as well before booking any lessons.

Morroswood swimming pool Horsham

Morriswood Swimming Pool Horsham

General information

Pool is unsupervised – you are advised to exercise extreme care when using the Swimming Pool facilities and swim at your own risk.

Persons under 16 years of age are permitted to use the facilities only when accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for that person’s conduct and welfare at all times.

No smoking and or food is to be consumed in the Pool buildings. Water is the only drink allowed in a plastic bottle.

Please do not leave soiled nappies in the changing rooms. We do not have facilities for disposing of nappies so please take them home with you.

Babies using Morriswood Pool must use a double bagging system called “Happy Nappy” available from


Morriswood Pool usage Disclaimer, Happy Nappy must be used.

Morriswood Pool usage Disclaimer, Happy Nappy must be used.

Neither Morriswood Pool owners nor Horsham Swim School accepts liability for any illness or injury resulting from overexertion or exacerbation of any medical conditions caused by the use of the Swimming Pool facilities.

No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage to the property or valuables of any Swimmer or guest.

In the interest of safety, all users must observe the Swimming Pool User’s Safety Code and follow the Pool rules at all times.

Due to parking restrictions, guests must not arrive more that 10 minutes before a swimming session and leave Morriswood property 15 minutes after lessons have ended.  Only one car per family please.

The Swimming Pool is located in a private residence, and the residents of Morriswood kindly request that you respect their privacy at all times. Additional facilities at the property such as Children’s play equipment are not to be used by Swimmers or other guests to the property.

Parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children at all times in and around the property and Pool. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated by the Pool Owners or Swimming teachers at any time.

Physical Contact.

Further to recent NSPCC advice, we are required to inform you that there are aspects of our teaching which require “hands on” technique.

This type of physical contact between teachers and swimmers will only be used in full view of parents and the class and will only be used for the following reasons:


  • Where it is essential to support the swimmer during the early stages of learning a skill.


  • To develop the skill and technique (placing the swimmer in the correct position).


  • To prevent an injury.


  • To treat an injury (only relates to staff who are qualified to give first aid).


Please let us know if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of this teaching technique.



I hereby confirm that:
I have read understood and agree to abide by the Terms of use set out above for use of Morriswood Swimming Pool.
I  will use the Swimming Pool and associated facilities entirely at my own risk and waive any claim I may have against the owners of Morriswood Swimming pool and Horsham Swim school and its staff arising
from any injury which I may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of my own/my party’s/my family’s use of the Swimming pool.
I agree to NEVER leave a child or teenager unattended on the property.

By ticking the box to confirm that you have read the disclaimer you are also agreeing to our physical contact policy.