Additional Swimmers for Private hire


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If you have already booked private pool for your family/group but now wish to increase your numbers, please use this link to pay for additional persons.

Base price you would have already paid is for up to four persons, each person over four you need to pay an additional £4 each.  The maximum number of users in the pool for private hire is 12, if you wish to go over this amount please contact us via email.

It is a requirement for health and safety that we know the exact numbers of swimmers that are in the pool each day.

We backwash/waste/refresh 30 litres of water per person.   This means that if we have 150 swimmers in the pool a day, we replace 150 x 30 litres = 4500 litres of fresh water into our pool every day. This is 31.500 litres of water a week!  you can only imagine how high our water bill is…….

Extra swimmers use more fresh water and more chemicals and produce more wear and tear and hence there is a per person charge of £4 extra.  Children under two are not counted and are free of charge.